LeviBOND® - Brazing Filler Metal (BFM) powders

Brazing is a thermal joining process in which two or more parts are joined together by heating them to the working temperature and flowing a molten filler metal into the joint. During brazing process, the molten filler metal is drawn by capillarity into the thin space between the joining parts. When cooled, a strong and leak free metallurgical bond is created. Advantage of brazing is that different metallic materials can be joined. Apparently, the melting temperature of filler metal is lower than the melting temperature of the materials to be joined. Brazing filler metals are broadly classified into high temperature (Nickel, Cobalt and Iron) and low temperature (Silver, Aluminium, Copper and Gold) filler metals. Levigate has expertise in producing both type of filler metals.

We offer LeviBOND® brazing filler metal series that are inert gas atomized to produce high purity powders with narrow particle size distribution. LeviBOND® powders are available in various alloy compositions, meeting international quality standards such as American Metals Society (AMS) and American Welding Society (AWS) and in all mesh sizes.

Brazing Filler Metal powders for High-Temperature Applications



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